Network & Partnerships

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The Border Policy Research Institute at Western Washington University works closely with cognate programs on campus and collaborates with many public and private entities throughout the region.

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Association for Borderland Studies

The Association for Borderlands Studies is the leading international scholarly association dedicated exclusively to the systematic interchange of ideas and information relating to international border areas.

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Borders in Globalization

Borders in Globalization is an innovative, integrative, and sustainable network of academic partners from Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, working with non-academic organizations that are involved in the management of borders and borderlands in Canada and worldwide.  

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Canadian Global Affairs Institute

The Canadian Global Affairs Institute identifies Canadian global interests and promotes more active and effective international involvement through rigorous strategic and policy analysis. The Institute helps inform Canadians on the connection between international affairs and a secure and prosperous Canada.

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Cascadia Innovation Corridor

The Cascadia Innovation Corridor (CIC) Partnership facilitates cross-border knowledge exchange, jointly advances and integrates common infrastructure needs, supports strategies that accelerate the Pacific Northwest economy, creates an innovative ecosystem that attracts capital and the world’s top talent, and builds a network of connected people, companies, capital universities, colleges, and researchers.

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Center for Canadian-American Studies

Founded in 1971, Center for Canadian-American Studies (WWU) is one of the most well-established Canadian Studies programs in the United States. The Center supports critical and interdisciplinary inquiry into the historical construction and modern constitution of Canada and its relationship with the United States.

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Centre for Global Studies

The Centre for Global Studies (CFGS) at the University of Victoria is committed to fostering reflection on the complex array of social forces associated with an increasingly interconnected world characterized by new forms of economic activity, artistic production, politics, media, nationalism, ethnicity, spirituality and community that increasingly transcend local, national and regional boundaries. 

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Future Borders Coalition

The Future Borders Coalition is a bi-national coalition of stakeholders working to accelerate a cohesive border vision based on improvements in technology, processes, facilities and innovation to drive ahead economic recovery, prosperity, safety and security. 



NASCO is the leading organization focused on the competitiveness of the North American supply chain and closing the skilled workforce gap. We are the only tri-national network of the North American governments, business, and educational institutions, driven by a common interest in collaboration along commercial corridors and trade networks.

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Pacific Northwest National Resource Center on Canada

The Pacific Northwest National Resource Center on Canada, a consortium between the University of Washington and Western Washington university, increases the number of scholars, educators, and professionals knowledgeable about Canada in the Pacific Northwest and across the nation.

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Salish Sea Institute

The Salish Sea Institute (WWU) shares knowledge across disciplines and borders to raise awareness and protection for the Salish Sea. 

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Transportation Border Working Group

The Transportation Border Working Group (TBWG) facilitates the safe, secure, efficient, and environmentally responsible movement of people and goods across the Canada-US border. The TBWG brings together multiple transportation and border agencies, and other organizations, to coordinate transportation planning, policy implementation, and the deployment of technology to enhance border infrastructure and operations. 


Whatcom Council of Government’s International Mobility & Trade Corridor Program

The Whatcom Council of Government’s International Mobility & Trade Corridor Program (IMTC) is a US-Canadian coalition of business and government agencies that identifies and promotes improvements to mobility and security for the four border crossings that connect Whatcom County and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Known as the Cascade Gateway, these ports of entry are among the busiest and most economically important along the entire border.

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The Wilson Center

The Wilson Center is the nation’s key non-partisan policy forum for tackling global issues through independent research and open dialogue to inform actionable ideas for the policy community. The Wilson Center brings fresh thinking and deep expertise to the most pressing policy challenges we face today.